The 5000' Highland Games are a
Friends of Calvin Crest fundraiser hosted by the Dodge Clan. The funds raised will be used to help Calvin Crest improve the
food service in Sherwood Forest and to help develop the program area in and around the basketball and volleyball courts.

Thank you in advance for your generous support and for joining us for this day of wonderful competition and fellowship. It will be a schoocher (a grand and glorious adventure!) The 2nd Annual Scottish- Irish-English 5000′ is a fundraising event for the whole family! We’d love to have everyone in your family from the age of 4 to 94 participate!

Schedule of Events and Activities:

8:30         Guests arrive, get settled, sign up for competitions, and wait with bated breath for the FUN to begin!!!

10:00       Gather for Bagpipe Welcome, Opening Ceremony, prayer

10:15       Events Begin:

Order of Competitions: 1. Children, 2. Youth, 3. Women, 4. Men

  1. Wellie Wanging
  2. The Great Irish Potato Famine Immigration Race
  3. Putting the Shot

12:30      Lunch:  Irish Potato Bar, Pigs in a Blanket, Irish Mint Brownies

1:30        Events and Activities Continue:

4.  Scottish Broom Race

5.  Caber Toss

6.  Judging of Individual and Family/Clan Costumes

3:00        Chance Ticket Drawing

Awards for 2nd Annual Scottish-Irish-English ‘n… 5000’ Highland Games

  • Best Individual Costume (Kilt, of course)
  • Best Family/Clan in Costume  (Ah, the glory of Plaid)
  • Champion Competitors
Closing Ceremony


Competition Levels:

1.     Younger than 8 years old

2.     8–12 years of age

3.     13–16 years of age

4.     Beyond 16 years of age

(This last category will have both women’s and men’s competitions)

The Registration Fees:

Adults:                   $30.00

Youth 13–16:          $20.00

Children 4–12:        $10.00

Children under 4:     Free

The registration fee allows you to participate in as few, or as many events as you’d like – from one event to all five events. The registration fee also includes lunch.


Three fabulous prizes– YOU COULD WIN……Prizes to be announced!

Chance Ticket prices:
$5.00/ticket or  $20.00/5 tickets

**Tickets will be sold on the 26th.


Fill out and mail in the registration form, along with your check made out to Calvin Crest. 

Registration Form (.DOC)