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family camp women and kids
The purpose of family camp is to bring the family together with God as their focus. This is a time to revive the spirit of the Lord in the family to meet the rest of the year and all that it brings. It is also a chance to rest and enjoy the members of your family without the complications of the world.


Child Care Assistants (CCA’s) are selfless teenagers that give up a week of their summer to play with children. They not only spend VBS time with the kids in the morning, but they also tuck the kids in at night.

Breakfast, followed by family sing, then speaker time for adults while children enjoy VBS. We all meet again for lunch which leads into free time. During free time, families can go off campus to enjoy the beauty of Yosemite or the area just surrounding Calvin Crest. Free time has plenty of activities to keep you and your family occupied from climbing the rock wall to going down a 90 foot water slide into the lake. Free time is followed by dinner which leads into a night activity that changes depending on the day of the week. Finally, off to bed to recoup for another big day of fun.

Week 1

June 15 – 21

Week 4

July 6 – 12

  • Adults
  • $395
  • Ages 9 - 15
  • $315
  • Ages 5 - 8
  • $240
  • Ages 3 - 4
  • $205
  • Under 3
  • $000
  • Optional Premium Cedar Lodge Housing
  • $280per family